2019 Demo Day in numbers and moving images

We just reached a key milestone: Demo Day. November 8, our program cohort, partners, and the wider eco-system, celebrated the acceleration of the development of sustainable cities – together with 200 attendees at the Danish Architecture Center.

Here’s a quick recap of the event

The 2019 Urbantech Cohort


And here’s the programme in numbers.


12 weeks, 10 startups, 12 pilot projects

The Urbantech program has unprecedented support from across the building and design sectors. All partners share a common goal of wanting to create more future-friendly urban environments, and utilize the expertise that Denmark has garnered as a leader within design, architecture and sustainability.

Urbantech is established by COWI, VKR Holding, EWII and supported by Realdania and The Danish Industry Foundation. The program is run by Rainmaking (Founders of Startupbootcamp) in collaboration with BLOXHUB, Danish Design Centre, Danish Architecture Center and Amazon Web Services.