Actionable Urbanism Roundtable Discussion

Event purpose

As we work towards a sustainable urban future, there is a blossoming of urbantech startups. And greater focus from both companies and governments on green transitions research. Everyone wants action here and now. At the same time, industrial research and entrepreneurship share similar challenges, particularly regarding innovation, communication, and implementation. Could researchers and startups help each other to make solutions actionable?

One way to increase actionability is through collaboration. That is easier said than done. For this reason, we decided to bring together founders with a research background and researchers from the BLOXHUB Science Forum Smart City cohort to discuss: ‘How can collaboration between research and the startup scene improve actionability in the built environment?’

The Actionable Urbanism Roundtable Discussion in collaboration with the BLOXHUB Science Forum.

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Resources shared

Where is the best place to prototype and experiment/learn about how to design and build buildings for the future and design for occupants/learn about their experience?

What is your favourite podcast / journal etc. where you would like to read more about Actionable Urbanism?

If anyone is interested in taking a look at the BLOX book that was given away to the audience, the link to the PDF is in the margin here:

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