Airplant is an IoT product that automatically improves indoor climate in your local environment.

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Mentoring Program


Cogo is a mobility startup with the long-term vision to facilitate the adoption of shared on-demand mobility to reduce the carbon emissions in our cities for a more sustainable future.

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2020 Cohort

Breeze Technologies

Breeze Technologies is an industry leader in air quality sensors, data, and analytics. The startup provides hyperlocal air quality and climate data to help cities and corporates design more efficient clean air action plans.

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3d model of a building
Mentoring Program


Procedural designs and develops digital tools that allow clients to run and manage engineering workflows and calculations – lowering their risk and reducing technical bottlenecks in their workflows.

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Mentoring Program


Through modern technology, Arked has reinvented architectural services making it accessible for private houseowners, who otherwise normally use prefab-house companies or other non-architect / standard solutions.

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2021 Cohort


DeNoize combines years of experience with cutting edge technology, through the world’s first smart glass system that transforms any glass facade into a noise-cancelling system, offering up to 90% reduction against the outdoor noise.

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Mentoring Program


Woodsense provides an IoT solution that monitors wooden structures & sends alarms when damages occur.

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