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Breeze Technologies is an industry leader in air quality sensors, data, and analytics. The startup provides hyperlocal air quality and climate data to help cities and corporates design more efficient clean air action plans.

Air pollution is the biggest environmental health threat of our time and is contributing to climate change both directly and indirectly. To combat this, Breeze Technologies offers cities, businesses and those who advise them, a self-optimizing system that helps identify which clean air actions have the highest potential impact when implemented locally.

Breeze Technologies Pilot Story

9 out of 10 people worldwide are living in areas with high levels of air pollution. With sensor-driven products that can automate and optimise indoor climate, VELUX has the mission to create better indoor spaces for people. As part of the urbantech pilot, VELUX and Breeze Technologies is testing how Breeze’s ecosystem of sensors and global air quality data can add value by protecting people from smog through data-driven controls and user information.


  • Hamburg, Germany


Business type

  • B2G, B2B
  • Smart Buildings & Homes / Air Quality


Urbantech Pilot partnership:

  • VKR Holding / VELUX
  • COWI

“Air pollution is a global issue, which is why we also need to tackle it with a global perspective. For that we need strong international partners. Breeze Technologies joined Urbantech to find these partners partners, and to develop air quality-related solutions to make our cities more livable. We are very happy to now work with both VELUX and COWI to create a healthier and more resilient tomorrow.“ – Robert Heinecke, CEO of Breeze Technologies

Robert Heinecke CEO at Breeze technologies 2020 cohort startup

Robert Heinecke

CEO and Founder

Breeze Technologies at Urbantech Demo day 2020
Breeze Technologies at Urbantech Demo day 2020
Robert Heinecke quote

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