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CAALA enables designers in early-stage projects to take-out the complexity in lifecycle calculations of sustainability, energy and cost, and communicate the effect of design choices in a tangible and easy understandable dashboard towards clients.

CAALA Pilot Story

CAALA helps both Velux and Arkitema in more efficiently communicating the environmental performance of building designs in early planning phases. Designers now can quantify in the crucial decision-making phase the positive impact sustainable products such as VELUX windows have on a building’s lifecycle performance.

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  • Munich, Germany

Business type

  • B2B
  • Building / Modelling & Visualization

Urbantech Pilot partnership:

  • VKR Holding / VELUX
  • COWI

“Urbantech in Denmark is a perfect springboard to explore how we can contribute to the acceleration of a more sustainable future not only in Germany, but in the Nordics and other countries as well.” – Philipp Hollberg, Co-Founder and Managing Director of CAALA

Philipp Hollberg

Philipp Hollberg


CEO and Co-Founder at CAALA

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