cogo "all in one" cover image with scooters and bike


Cogo gathers shared rides for frictionless mobility and a better tomorrow. Cogo is an app gathering all shared scooters, bikes, cars and mopeds as long as they are human or electric powered.

woodsense product


Woodsense provides an IoT solution that monitors wooden structures & sends alarms when damages occur.

treble technologies product showcase

Treble Technologies

Treble is developing a new cloud-based software product for dealing with sound and acoustics in the built environment. The software builds on a simulation engine that models the acous- tics of spaces.

miru facility

Miru Smart Technologies

Miru is commercializing electrochromic windows (“smart glass”) with disruptively low manufacturing costs for the residential, and commercial real estate market.

Wind turbine on green grass field


The FlexShape platform of smart energy applications and tools, helps energy communities to utilize available energy flexibility to balance green energy production with consumption and save CO2, energy costs, and grid reinforcement. 

sweden landscape

Parametric Solutions

Parametric Solutions provides technology-driven and intelligent solutions for early stage design processes. We offer a cloud-based platform that helps property developers and architects make informed decisions and create better urban environments.

kobots cover


Kobots develops collaborative, mobile, voice-responsive robots that help and support workers, initially in the construction industry.

eliq product showcase


Eliq offers utilities a SaaS platform that allows them to build strong relationships and grow non-commodity revenue with customers.

EME products showcase

Excess Materials Exchange

Excess Materials Exchange is a B2B SaaS platform. The platform unlocks the potential of the world’s excess materials and products by matching them to their highest value uses.



DeNoize combines years of experience with cutting edge technology, through the world’s first smart glass system that transforms any glass facade into a noise-cancelling system, offering up to 90% reduction against the outdoor noise.