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DeNoize combines years of experience with cutting edge technology, through the world’s first smart glass system that transforms any glass facade into a noise-cancelling system, offering up to 90% reduction against the outdoor noise.


  • Delft, The Netherlands

Business type

  • Business to Business to Consumer
Aman Jindal

Aman Jindal



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Breeze Technologies

Breeze Technologies is an industry leader in air quality sensors, data, and analytics. The startup provides hyperlocal air quality and climate data to help cities and corporates design more efficient clean air action plans.

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Linc enables detailed monitoring and control of building parameters by a hardware and software technology for the digitization of buildings.

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BuildCode enables construction managers to connect construction reality to VDC, thereby ensuring that the project gets delivered on time, quality and economy.

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Treble Technologies

Treble is developing a new cloud-based software product for dealing with sound and acoustics in the built environment. The software builds on a simulation engine that models the acous- tics of spaces.

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OrxaGrid provide smart solutions through retrofitting IoT sensor devices on critical grid nodes and predicting efficiency improvements.

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Skipit’s mission is to allow everyone to “travel like a local” and make it easier for travellers and tourists to use public transport in some of the worlds biggest cities.

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