Explore the City with DAC (A quick interview with Nikolaj Sveistrup)

A Quick Q&A with Nikolaj Sveistrup Head of Programme, Danish Architecture Center (DAC)

Tell me more about the work you do at DAC – and what you’re the most excited about

Nikolaj Svejstrup, Head of Programme, Danish Architecture Center (DAC)

Nikolaj Svejstrup

I am Head of the Sector Programme at DAC and lead DAC’s activities for professionals within architecture, urban planning and the building industry. This includes public events and debates as well as larger projects and programmes with partners across the industry focusing on themes such as sustainability, urban life, the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) etc.

I’m especially excited about our network programmes for municipality directors where we train them to work with Strategic Urban Governance and to have a holistic view on the planning of Danish cities. Generally, I’m excited about the role DAC plays in putting cities and planning on the agenda at both an international, national, and local level.

DAC has a cool architecture app – can you tell me more about that?

We do have a very cool architecture app with guided tours of Copenhagen Architecture in specific neighbourhoods or on specific themes. You can also look up specific buildings and get the architectural background and stories – if you activate the explore mode the app even informs you directly whenever you pass a significant architectural building.

Right now, you can take a guided tour to see the most iconic building by BIG architects in Copenhagen.

And if you want to see more you can always visit DAC’s current exhibition ”Formgiving” about BIG architects.

What is your top tip for visitors to Denmark who are interested in architecture?

R_Hjortshoj - DAC Formgivning WEB-34

DAC Formgivning Exhibition – Picture by R Hjortshøj

Copenhagen is a great experience for newcomers and tourists. One of my tips has to be CopenHill designed by BIG Architects. Copenhagen’s new waste management center that has an artificial ski slope and a recreational hiking area open for the public. It opens in October and I’m excited to see it in function.

I would also recommend visiting Nordhavn – a new urban development area with playgrounds on top of buildings and iconic architecture and planning examples.

If you’re interested in more tips, DAC has published a guide to architecture in Copenhagen.

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