The Urban Tech program

Real impact in business & the world

The program addresses real challenges, goes deeper into the P&L of the corporate partner, focused engagement and hand-holding throughout implementation to documented benefits.

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Addressing a pressing global issue: sustainbility

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Take innovation into real action to
generate impact

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Engineered to be a lean and focused approach

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Unique program elements

At the heart of the platform is continuous face to face engagement between partners and innovative startups. Around this are activities that identify and focus efforts. Innovation meets business.

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Business Impact Identification

Join innovation teams, business units and leaders to identify needs and areas of P&L impact.

Map specific cost items, technologies or solutions sought in startups to create real impact.

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Readiness Diagnostic

Assessment of organisational readiness to increase chances of impact by guiding recommended actions.

Combines quantitative survey and qualitative interviews based on work with +200 corporations on innovation.

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Innovation Stream

Continuous delivery of frontier insights through video interviews with top startups, mentors, industry and technology leaders.

Enables engaging a global organisation through online coverage of process, learnings, and experiences from start to finish.

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Impact Planning

Next steps planning with Partners based on Business Impact Identification, Readiness Diagnostics, learnings during the program, and startup opportunities.

Plan an impactful way forward with startups and make the most of learnings for the organisation to repeat and build capability.

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Eco-system partners

This industry is like no other. To maximise real solutions, we’ll offer access to physical test environments, data, and regulatory sandboxes.

Eco-system partners offer unique access to assets benefitting both the startups and wider partner group.

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Facilitated Implementation

Optional assistance, when needed, to progress from startup engagement to implementation and documentation of results.

Rainmaking offers personalized support whether the outcomes are Pilots or M&A, and co-invests in Venture Building.

Our Experience

Leveraging our experience from 60+ Startupbootcamp programs, building 30+ own startups and partnering with 80+ Fortune 500 companies, we have built a world-class model for action-based impact.

The program addresses real challenges, goes deeper into corporate partner P&Ls, focused engagement and hand-holding throughout implementation to documented benefits.

Trade & Transport Impact is not an accelerator and is much more than an engagement program. It is a continuous platform connecting startups with partners in a facilitated process for impact on the bottom-line and in the world.

Problem identification

Identifying the biggest challenges in the industry & world

Making it relevant

How the challenges are P&L opportunities for each Partner

In search of greatness

Rigorous process to globally identify and select the best tech startups

3 month engagement

Onsite qualifying collaboration potential

Potential implementation

Realisation of benefits through M&A, POCs in pilots or Venture building


Regional focus, global reach

Growing the world’s most powerful corporate-startup engagement program in the maritime, logistics & supply chain, and transport industry with unique access to collaboration in leading hubs across the world. Partners access multiple eco-systems and regional partners, by engaging in a program that moves from city to city.

Dec 2018 – May 2019

Hamburg – Cycle 1

Optimisation of ports, terminals, and real-time vessel operations.
The outcome from Cycle 1.

July 2019 – Dec 2019

Hamburg – Cycle 2

Safety and efficiency





Cape Town

About us

Introducing Rainmaking

Rainmaking is a global cooperative of entrepreneurs running startups and innovation programs in more than 40 countries. We bring extensive success from Startupbootcamp, Rainmaking Innovation and our own startup experience to move the transport, maritime and logistics industries forward.

The Rainmaking family

We create positive change through entrepreneurship with a global team of 200+ entrepreneurs, strategists, product experts, developers, designers, and investors.

Our global network provides us with first-hand access to innovative startups and early-stage companies in every major startup ecosystem worldwide. We screen +10,000 per year and have invested in 600 so far alongside corporate partners.

And we are still founders at heart. To date, we have founded 30+ companies based on our own ideas and seed funded them ourselves. Followed up with 20m+ EUR from external investors.

Rainmaking is specialized in maritime, logistics and transport, and continuously work with leading corporates and talented startups in these industries.

Let’s lift the industry – and the world!