Urbantech hotspots: cities that have become platforms for urban innovation


We looked through 2.660 urbantech startups – and cross-referenced them with where they were founded, investment stage etc. Here is what we found: 

-North America, India and Europe lead the way for Urbantech investments and startup density at a regional level.
-USA, Canada, India, United Kingdom and Germany are the top 5 represented countries. 

Other interesting urbantech areas include the Netherlands, Denmark, and Israel.



As urbantech is, well, urban-focused, it is not surprising that the real hotspots are at the city-level. So in other words, it is Amsterdam, Berlin, Copenhagen, New York etc. where it is really at. One exception is the US, an economy so big it has three hotspots: New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles. And Canada, the biggest (by landmass) in our ranking, has a more dispersed ecosystem of smaller hubs: Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa. 

Last year we met with startups in Dubai, New York, Boston, Toronto, London, Aarhus, Copenhagen, Paris, Amsterdam and Berlin. We also had 112 virtual meetings with startups from across the world. This year we want to do our bit to reduce CO2, so we’re doing two things: offsetting our flights, and doing our best to fly less altogether. 

And to make sure we focus our travel on places with critical mass, we ran our dataset against our focus areas, and here’s the list:

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