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According to the UN World Urbanization Prospects, 54% of the world’s population live in urban regions, and projections suggest this will increase to 66% by 2050. In addition, megacities are increasing while rural populations are shrinking.

Cities not only offer opportunities for economic development but it is also often cheaper and more environmentally friendly to provide basic services in densely populated areas rather than rural areas. In other words, sustainable urbanization is key to successful development.

Accelerating the development of sustainable cities – one pilot at a time

At Urbantech, we believe that the best way to create impact at scale is through corporate-startup engagement. Startups bring innovative ideas and technologies that can solve today’s fundamental problems, while corporates have the experience and resources to bring these ideas to scale.

Each year we bring together the world’s best urbantech startups with our corporate partners, COWI, EWII and VKR/VELUX in Copenhagen, Denmark to help accelerate the development of sustainable cities.

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Run – we are committed to running as sustainably as possible

We reduce our own footprint through

being carbon neutral through offsetting
recycling & reusing wherever possible
working with partners that take sustainability seriously

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Grow – we help grow startups that have sustainability at their core

We focus on urban solutions that make construction more effective, buildings and power systems more flexible and public spaces more functional. The startups we work with have sustainability at their core and we support them in their journey to maximum impact.

Transform – we transform cities through the knowledge created through our program

We make it a priority to help the knowledge created through Urbantech escape into the wider ecosystem. We do this to support Denmark as an Urbantech Hub and to deepen the sustainability mindset in the people, companies – and the wider ecosystem.

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Watch our YouTube series on the Circular Design Tool done in collaboration with InFuturum and the Danish Design Center.

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