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Linc enables detailed monitoring and control of building parameters by a hardware and software technology for the digitization of buildings. Linc aims to fast track the rate at which existing buildings are renovated and made more sustainable by providing an easy to integrate and scalable solution that allows faster problem identification and targeted improvements of inefficiencies.

Linc Pilot Story

The Linc device is able to unlock great potential out of EWII’s existing assets. Through their technology, Linc translates EWII’s complex aggregated data into fruitful information around electricity usage. This opens new scenarios for EWII and new possibilities around improving sustainability and energy usage in buildings.

linc startup product showcase


  • Madrid, Spain


Business type

  • B2B2C
  • Electricity / Sensors & Controllers


Urbantech Pilot partnership:

  • EWII
  • VKR Holding / VELUX

“The reason the Urbantech program was extremely interesting to us was that it was an opportunity to work very closely with corporate partners that can help us scale up and share a common vision with us. That aspect has exceeded our expectations because the help we have had from the Urbantech team has really accelerated the collaboration process.” – Pranay Krishen, CEO of Linc

Pranay Krishen CEO at Linc 2020 cohort startups

Pranay Krishen


Linc at Urbantech Demo day 2020
Pranay Krishen quote

Linc in Nordic Urbantech - Innovation Lab Asia report

Linc Innovation Lab Asia

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