‘Green Innovation: everything that’s doing more with less’ – Q&A with Frederik van Deurs

A quick Q&A with Frederik van Deurs, CEO at GREEN INNOVATION GROUP A/S

How do you define green innovation?

Great question – it can get mindbogglingly complex, but to me, it’s pretty simple – it’s everything that’s doing more with less.

If you could only recommend one thing Danish, what would it be?

Frederik van Deurs

Me. Just kidding. I’d recommend visiting the freetown of Christiania – to me, it has always been an exceptional view into how civilization could have worked if money wasn’t the main driver for decision making, but also how financial interest (via the drug trade) has changed the little haven significantly.

What 2-3 books / podcasts would you recommend?

As an Anthropologist, some of the simplifications of Sapiens are a bit much for me, however, indisputable an amazing read that is not cutting too many corners and still does an excellent job at explaining how we made it here as mankind.

One of my favorite books of all time is the little-known “Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality” – It’s a fan-fiction written by a philosopher, instead of being a dork, Harry Potter is raised by a scientist (and yes, it has magic, and scientific reasonings of how magic works, it’s brilliant).

The Power of Now has brought me great peace in times of trouble, even without Mother Mary coming to me. I’d warmly recommend it read with an open mind and a receptive heart.

What apps do you use for inspiration / to get things done…

  • Insight Timer for meditation – it’s the best app there is.
  • Calendly for scheduling meetings – over are the days of calendar gymnastics via email!
  • Spotify – just imagine the amount of crazy cool musical experiences you have at your fingertips. If you need a trip into space, I warmly recommend putting on John Hopkins album Singularity on some nice speakers or headphones. I dare you to not open your eyes for 40 minutes and just dream yourself away to Mars with Elon in your spaceship and John Hopkins at the helm.
    In my never humble opinion, it’s the modern-day equivalent of Dark Side of the Moon.

Where’s the best place for new ideas?

On a long walk or bike ride with a great instrumental album playing and guiding the imagination, I suppose. Or in an ice bath straight after sauna. Tough.

Who inspires you?

My girlfriend is a great source for new perspectives and subjects I’ve seldom thought of before. If you don’t find inspiration and motivation in the people closest to you, maybe it’s time to seek new pastures. I’ve worked hard to have friends that always inspire, challenge, and comfort me in the degrees we need mutually, but it’s not something that comes without conscious effort.

What else?

Reaching Drawdown is the only important mission in our time – act accordingly.

*Drawdown is the point in time where we’re relieving the atmosphere of more carbon than we’re releasing into it globally.


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