‘Seeing beyond our own agendas’ – Q&A with Jakob Stolt

A quick Q&A with Jakob Stolt, Senior Project Manager at EIT Climate-KIC 

What is your most surprising prediction about cities?

Jakob Stolt

Jakob Stolt

In the future, development in cities is equal to sustainable and inclusive programmes involving the citizens on a broader scale. The quality of living is not just a phrase for suburbs and areas outside city centres, but instead is a demand for more environmental solutions within a city.

Who is the person who has most influenced the way you think about cities and technology?

Paul Rothman has been influential. He is a true pragmatic, innovative, and foresighted practitioner, dealing with complex systems while gaining local and international support. He is always looking for meaningful partnerships for sustainable urban development.

What 2-3 books / podcasts would you recommend?

1. A New Digital Deal, Bas Boorsma
2. Design-driven Innovation, Roberto Verganti

Where’s the best place for new ideas?

The best place for new ideas is finding them among other people, especially if you are a great listener. It is also beneficial to try to combine thoughts, inputs, and own desires into tangible ideas that you share and co-create.

Who inspires you?

The people who inspire me are colleagues and peers that are able to see beyond their own agendas and short-sighted wins, and are also able to include other viewpoints when discussing and executing ideas and concepts.

What are the skills we’ll need in 10 years?

The skills we will need can be found in the the sense-making loop:

Paying attention – Personalizing – Imaging – Serious Play – Co-inquiry – Crafting

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Get started! All inputs and learnings will add to your continuous voyage.

What is your call to action?

Global connectivity, even more empathy, serve-all solutions, playing, and grinning.


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