‘Search for new ideas in people and culture’ – Q&A with Palle Riismoller

A quick Q&A with Palle Riismoller, Managing Director of CONNECT Denmark, Entrepreneur and Mentor 

What do you think the cities of the future will look like?

Palle Riismoller

Cities will become increasingly green and will spread out to have access to light, better air and space for community. There will be a larger number of food production sites and rooftops will be used for energy and food.

What 2-3 books / podcasts would you recommend?

I’m Afraid Debbie from Marketing Has Left for the Day by Morten Münster and Helle Harder. Then I listen a lot to local Danish political stations.

Where’s the best place for new ideas?

I search for new ideas in people and culture. I see potential in people and I use a lot of my time investigating why people with different backgrounds behave like they do. This has given me too many ideas over time and they always pop up at the strangest time and places.

Who inspires you?

People that take pride in what they do. I am drawn to the simplicity in things, people and design and not individuals per se. I admire what some have achieved and done over the years ranging from my family to Mandela.

What are the skills we’ll need in 10 years?

Highly flexible workforce with short employment cycles. Workplaces need to fit the specialist mindset and highly adaptable team and “war room” setups. The next generation will move between departments and workplaces and we have to catch up.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Trust my gut feeling. Leave the boss that does not share my values. I have had way too many bosses that I did not trust but stayed for money or fame – I should have left.

What is your call to action?

My legacy. What we leave behind for our sons and daughters. If I can change my behaviour or thinking to improve that – I do it


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