‘There is a desire to have even greener cities…’ – Q&A with Sophie Mølgård Hansen

A quick Q&A with Sophie Mølgård Hansen, Head of Partnerships at TechBBQ 

What is your most surprising prediction about cities?

Sophie Mølgård Hansen

I think that with the past chaotic year in mind, with a full-blown pandemic and lockdown, people have found back to nature and the appreciation of it. When cities were shut down, I experienced an increased need to be out in nature, where one can find the relaxation and the calmness of what it brings. Even though nature is “in nature” unpredictable, it’s something that we know of, compared to when a pandemic hits us.
Therefore, I think there is a desire to have even greener cities, where people can connect with nature and have a space for relaxation.

What 2-3 books / podcasts would you recommend?

I am big fan of the Danish news podcast, Genstart, where they do a daily deep-dive into one news story. They are only approximately 20 minutes long and fit perfectly with my morning walk, “going to work” to my work-from-home office.

Another podcast I have been following closely is ‘Stjerner og Striber‘, which is a DR podcast commenting/discussing the US election on a weekly basis. I have been following US politics quite intensely the past year (as everyone else), and find it very fascinating how different they are running things compared to in the Nordics.

One of the best books I’ve read in 2020 was the autobiography ‘Open’ by the retired American tennis player Andre Agassi. It was very fascinating to read his life story and how he came to win 8 Grand Slams and become the man he is today. I always find it very inspiring to read about other’s life stories as it makes me reflect upon my own way of living.

Where’s the best place for new ideas?

Mentioning so much about nature, I highly recommend everyone going out for walks in nature, as this often brings clarity and new perspectives, at least from my own experience.

Another place for good ideas, is together with your team mates! Having worked from home for 6 months, really makes me miss the face-to-face talks and the occasional brainstorming that being in a room with passionate people brings. So, I really hope that 2021 will bring some more office time with my wonderful colleagues!

Who inspires you?

So many people inspire me on a daily basis, and I experience that inspiration comes from many places. My colleagues, who are very passionate about supporting the Nordic tech startup ecosystem, give me inspiration everyday. The same goes with talking to partners and their ambitions for the future, it brings up the optimist in me.

But, a huge source of inspiration are also all the people outside of work, your friends and family, who often bring a new perspective and ask the questions that you are not met with on a daily basis, which makes you reflect and challenge your own perspective and way of doing things.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Being a young professional it’s difficult to give advice to my younger self. But, I always go with being authentic, dreaming big and being optimistic of what the future will bring! I find these values particularly relevant after the past year’s events.

What is your call to action?

I strongly encourage everyone to be more authentic and reach out for help. The past year has showed us how external forces that we cannot predict can knock us out of course, but also how good we are at helping each other. It has brought innovation and new synergies, and I deeply hope that we will continue helping each other in the future, because that has been an unpredicted gift of this crisis.


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