Workshop Sprint: Open standards in the Built Environment?

How might one explore a topic in some depth, yet at incredible speed?

This week, we hosted a series of workshop sprints at BLOXHUB for 60 lecturers from KEA who work and teach in architecture and building industry. We got involved because we love to spark discussions about the built environment, get minds thinking – and connect practitioners and educators alike. And using a sprint format helped give energy and pace to the proceedings – and open up the ‘innovation diamond’, rather than just focusing on finding a solution. A great way to enable innovate thinking.

The discussion centred around how architects, building engineers, real estate and other professionals from the built environment can collaborate more efficiently. Based on a case study Catenda, we discussed the challenges and opportunities for open standards.

What measures have to come into play to make data accessible along the full construction value chain? 

This in turn sparked more questions for further exploration:

  • Regulatory – If global standards are to be established, who’s standards should apply?
  • Economic – Are companies over-protecting their Intellectual Property (IP)? How to incentivise companies to open up their IP? 
  • Organisational – How do we apply IPD (Individual Participant Data) more widely? 
  • Individual – It all starts here – yet is it all about mindset?

As one participant asked: “Could we apply an (and educate on) an ‘everybody-wins’ mindset – when it comes to data sharing?”

KEA workshop by Hanna Bogner

KEA workshop by Hanna Bogner



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