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Parametric Solutions

Parametric Solutions provides technology-driven and intelligent solutions for early stage design processes. We offer a cloud-based platform that helps property developers and architects make informed decisions and create better urban environments.

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Procedural designs and develops digital tools that allow clients to run and manage engineering workflows and calculations Ė lowering their risk and reducing technical bottlenecks in their workflows.

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VisiLean helps reduce wastage of both materials and time during construction projects through improving planning and coordination through a cloud-based construction and design management service.

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CAALA CAALA Profile CAALA enables designers in early-stage projects to take-out the complexity in lifecycle calculations of sustainability, energy and cost, and communicate the effect of design choices in a tangible and easy understandable dashboard towards clients. CAALA Pilot Story CAALA helps both Velux… Read More »CAALA

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Bimsync by Catenda saves time, money and the environment. It is the next generation cloud based collaboration platform where construction information comes alive.