Top tips from AEC professionals from 33 countries – courtesy of #HACKBLOXHUB2020

#HACKBLOXHUB2020 Urbantech Space

Hackers in action @ Urbantech

154 attendees from 33 countries convened for #HACKBLOXHUB2020 – and we were proud to lend the Urbantech space to one of the 22 groups working on knotty problems and interesting challenges. The focus was exploration of the unique issues related to urban environments. And practical hacks to address them.

Having such a critical mass of architects, engineers and construction professionals was also a good chance to pick up ideas, make new connections – and rekindle relationships. A bit of BLOXHUB magic in other words.

So we deployed a bit of basic conference tech, also known as Mentimeter – and this is what we found – summarised in three tips:

1. Come for the hack, stay for the humans

Hackathons are ostensibly about technology. They’re also quite remarkable for creating connections.


2. Keep learning and connecting between now – and #HACBLOXHUB2021

Events, events, events

We polled the participants, and here are some of the things people are going to next (in alphabetical order):

  1. Bim Cafe
  2. Digital Built Week Europe – also follow @BILTevent
  3. Science Talks – also follow #bloxscience
  4. RobArch
  5. WDBE – also follow #WDBE2020

And for those who can’t travel, there are lots of classes online from the most recent Autodesk University.

Read, Write & Listen

And some of what people are reading and listening to on the way to/from these – in addition to Techtopia (DK):

  1. 99% Invisible
  2. AEC Business
  3. Arch Daily
  4. Augi
  5. Building Smart Blog
  6. City Lab
  7. Cities Today
  8. Detail Magazine
  9. Future: Distributed
  10. Happy City
  11. PA Talks
  12. SimplyComplex
  13. Techcrunch
  14. The Daniel Davis Blog

Get some good life advice

#HACKBLOXHUB2020 coffee

#HACKBLOXHUB2020 coffee stats

Unroll this thread – and for completeness, here are three that were left off by accident:

  1. Drink more coffee
  2. Hit save more often
  3. You should have gone CS from the beginning

…and many more here:

3. Come back

Be sure to mark 5-7 March for #HACKBLOXHUB2021 – here’s the closeout video from this year to inspire.

And thanks to all who shared (and feel free to share this in turn). See you next year!

P.S. If you know any good Urbantech startups – be sure to let us know / tag me @michaelambjorn / connect on LinkedIn.