Urbantech Sessions Podcast #1 Out Now

September 12, Danish Architecture Center (DAC) and the Urbantech program, shared new insights as part of the event series: Urbantech Sessions. The premise for these events are that new urban technologies will change the way we design cities and change the way you work with them.

Through a series of sessions, we will guide you through new requirements and show you opportunities that will come with these highly innovative urban technologies. The first Urbantech session discussed how data and sensors can reveal secrets about the city – and what it means for the professionals who design our city. The sessions are hosted twice per year at DAC.

From Session #1, Morten Skov Jørgensen (Alexandra Institute), Oliver Schulze (Schulze+Grassov) and Kate Asinskaya (Moeco) share their thoughts on the new technologies that shape our buildings and cities:


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