VisiLean Profile

VisiLean helps reduce wastage of both materials and time during construction projects through improving planning and coordination through a cloud-based construction and design management service. It provides contractors, clients, and supervisors with a real-time accurate view of current project status

VisiLean Pilot Story

VisiLean and COWI worked together to reimagine how design managers can work in and across multiple dimensions – improving efficiency and effectiveness – as they take on the biggest sustainability challenges of the day.


  • Helsinki, Finland

Business type

  • B2B
  • Urban Digitalization
  • BIM Project Manager

Urbantech Pilot partnership:

  • COWI


“A lot of pilots get lost in the initial phases because they lose momentum. There is initial excitement, but you also need to continue and sustain that sort of energy throughout the pilot in order to kind of propel it to a point where it reaches the destination. So if you keep that momentum, you will reach the orbit that you were hoping for.” – Bhargav Dave, Founder and CEO of VisiLean

Bhargav Dave

Bhargav Dave


CEO and Co-Founder at VisiLean

Press coverage

Sustainability: Urbantech gathered startups from around the world online / Bæredygtighed: Urbantech samlede startups fra hele verden online

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