WattGlass Profile

WattGlass provides innovative water-based sustainable coatings that increase the performance of glass used in everyday applications, such as windows, solar panels, and LED lighting.

The water-based, non-hazardous nature of WattGlass coatings increases worker safety and eliminates solvents evaporating into the atmosphere during the production process while also reducing operating costs and increasing energy efficiency.

Pilot story

“The best window is an invisible window”. Through its innovative water-based coating, WattGlass is providing VELUX a tool to perfect the performance of their windows in terms of light transmission and reflection.


  • USA


Business type

  • B2B
  • Advanced Materials
  • Nano-tech building materials


Urbantech Pilot partnership:

  • VKR Holding / VELUX

“By partnering with the Urbantech corporate partners, we’re learning a lot and we are able to see how our solution can impact larger markets and sustainable cities.” – Corey Thompson, CEO of WattGlass

Corey Thompson CEO of Wattglass cohort 2020 startup

Corey Thompson


Wattglass at Urbantech Demo day 2020
Corey Thompson quote

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