Women’s Entrepreneurship Day

Happy Women’s Entrepreneurship Day 2020!

Did you know that only around 16% of entrepreneurs in Europe are female (Statista)? In addition, female-founded digital startups outperform male-founded ones and yet VCs are more likely to invest in male-founded start-ups (Forbes)

The data, makes one thing clear:

We need to encourage more females to become entrepreneurs and we need to support them in their journey.

Luckily, things seem to be moving to change this. Here’s a quick round-up of some of the resources we’ve been checking out today:

From Sweden, Moa at Vinnova is sharing an upcoming webinar on funding for women founders:

Here’s are a couple of classics from The Hub with questions you were perhaps afraid to ask:

And Cathrine Schrøder at Heyfunding, built a nice list of additional resources – here are three of our favourites:

To find them all, check out their latest newsletter. It also has an opportunity for investor matchmaking for female founders.

Lastly, remember that supporting each other as women and as entrepreneurs is a key driver of change, so consider joining one of the growing networks for female founders such as: